Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pre-course Modules

MiF offers pre-course modules on statistics and accounting for incoming students who do not have much experience in those areas. The modules will cover a good foundation for use in the core courses and electives, and do so in just a few weeks.

The modules this year will run in the evening in the first few weeks of classes. That will be a busy time for incoming MiFs with our 3 core courses, club activities, networking, preparing for interviews and adjusting to London. I really question if running the modules concurrent with the fall term is the best policy, but perhaps running them before the start of term would be too difficult.

Why? Not everyone is required to attend them. There is a short exam for each module to determine if we should attend or not. In April the exams were made available to us on Portal, the LBS intranet, for us to complete at home. The problem is that with some 140 members of the graduating class, it takes time to grade the tests. In fact, we just received our results this week. It's now only a few weeks before people will begin to arrive, and it would be unfair to make people hold off on making travel arrangements until this late due to the possibility of being required to come early and attend the modules. So, it seems that the program had no choice but to hold the modules concurrently.

So how about me, will I attend the modules? I studied accounting and statistics both as part of my undergraduate, so I did well enough on the exams to opt out of the modules. So my evenings of my first few weeks will be filled with many things, just not studying accounting and statistics.

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