Tuesday, July 8, 2008

LBS Alumni Party in Tokyo

This post will read like an advertisement for LBS and the LBS community but so be it, my affection for the place just made a big jump.....

A few weeks ago the LBS Alumni Club here in Tokyo organized a get together for incoming MBA, MiF, and other students. The first part of the evening was a Q&A session where we could ask alumni about all of the questions we have but couldn't find the answers to. Very useful and very kind of the alumni of course; we talked about finding a flat, costs in London, where to find health care etc.

The real reason for my ebullience however was the after session at a nearby pub. The alumni found an English-style pub nearby, took us there and even subsidized our shenanigans (i.e. they paid more than their fare share of the bill). I've always found that you can really have great conversations with people whenever alcohol is in the mix and this was no exception. Alumni, classmates, students from other programs, partners, etc - everyone was great fun to talk with.

I know it's cheesy to say, but this event really makes me believe that I'm making the right choice in heading off to London.


mifapplicant said...

Hi Beeell
I hope you are still going to update your blog - I find it very useful and insightful! I wanted to get some advice re interviews - how did you interview w alum go and do you have any advice? I will be interviewing w a local alumni and am a bit intimidated by his high profile. Were you asked any technical Qs? Thanks.

Beeell said...

I need to update the blog indeed, so much to write!

To answer your question, no I was not asked any technical questions. Don't worry too much about the interview, just be yourself and you should be fine. The only advice I have is know your story well - why the MiF, why now, what you want to do afterward.

Other questions?