Monday, September 8, 2008


I've arrived.

My plane didn't fall out of the sky and I made to to London late last month. I've been meaning to write on my blog for days but the program ties you up fast! Anyway, after staying on a friend's sofa for a bit over a week (and her clearly growing tired of me being there) my flatmates and I managed to find a great flat in a convenient location. We have 2 huge supermarkets, many shops and restaurants, an underground stop and bus stop right in front of us when we look out our windows.

Finding the flat was an adventure itself. We spoke with several agents and saw 7 flats before we finally made a choice. The agents had some very nice places, but wanted ridiculous deposits from us because we are students. We are not able to pay 6 months of rent up front! Anyway, we were lucky that the landlord to our now residence asked LBS to list his place on Portal. One phone call, a quick visit and a few follow up calls/meetings later the contract was signed and the keys were ours. Moral of the story, keep your eyes on Portal when looking for a flat in London!

As I mentioned above, our program has started. I've met most of my classmates by now and I can say that there are many, many fantastic folks. We've only had the introduction day, seminars for career services, and one class (yes, only one - I'm not sitting the statistics or accounting pre-program modules) thus far, so I am going to hold off on writing about my experiences until the program unfolds a bit more.

Until then,

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